Chalice Agenda is out now!

The digital version of Chalice Agenda is out now and available wherever mp3s are sold! Here’s a link to the Bandcamp store. Vinyl pressing incoming…

Announcing Chalice Agenda and Kickstarter-As-Vinyl-Preorder

The new COPY record is being released next month!! I’m calling it Chalice Agenda, and it’s being released by Audio Dregs on 5/15/15.
Instead of doing a digital-only release, we’re trying a Kickstarter-as-preorder experiment: if enough people want it, we’ll press the record on vinyl. If not, the record still comes out as originally planned, digitally.
To spice up the deal, if you pledge $6 or more, you’ll get a digital copy of the album even if the $1500 goal isn’t met, meaning you’ll get the album for free as thanks for your effort.